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OpenSkyNet::Utils Namespace Reference


namespace  HashBenchmarkTests


class  HashTableUIntKeys
class  PrecisionTimer
class  LockableCS
class  SyncEvent
class  Thread
class  TaggedUnion


typedef unsigned int uint
typedef unsigned long long uint64


Utils::uint getCompositeKey (const Math::Point< Utils::uint > &bin_)
Utils::uint getCompositeKey (const Math::Point< int > &bin_)
void GetFileNamesInDir (const std::string &dir_, std::list< std::string > &fileNames_)
uint getCompositeKey (uint x_, uint y_, uint z_)
uint HashUIntToUInt (const uint &key_)
void Tokenize (const std::string &s_, std::vector< std::string > &tokens_, const std::string &delimiters_=" ")
void EraseAll (std::string &s_, const std::string &charsToErase_=" ")


const uint INITIAL_TABLE_SIZE = 512
const uint MAX_3D_COMPONENT_KEY = 1024

Typedef Documentation

typedef unsigned int OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint
typedef unsigned long long OpenSkyNet::Utils::uint64

Function Documentation

void OpenSkyNet::Utils::EraseAll ( std::string &  s_,
const std::string &  charsToErase_ = " " 
) [inline]
Utils::uint OpenSkyNet::Utils::getCompositeKey ( const Math::Point< int > &  bin_) [inline]

Overloading Utils::getCompositeKey() to accept Points.

uint OpenSkyNet::Utils::getCompositeKey ( uint  x_,
uint  y_,
uint  z_ 
) [inline]

Concatenate 3 unsigned ints <= MAX_3D_COMPONENT_KEY to fit inside 1 unsigned int.

Utils::uint OpenSkyNet::Utils::getCompositeKey ( const Math::Point< Utils::uint > &  bin_) [inline]

Overloading Utils::getCompositeKey() to accept Points.

void OpenSkyNet::Utils::GetFileNamesInDir ( const std::string &  dir_,
std::list< std::string > &  fileNames_ 
) [inline]
uint OpenSkyNet::Utils::HashUIntToUInt ( const uint &  key_) [inline]
void OpenSkyNet::Utils::Tokenize ( const std::string &  s_,
std::vector< std::string > &  tokens_,
const std::string &  delimiters_ = " " 
) [inline]

Variable Documentation

The initial number of keys hash tables can hold.

A key can be made up of x, y, and z components but all components must still be stored in an unsigned int. Therefore, each component has a max of 10 bits (1024 in base 10).

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